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Business is the vehicle of growth. And growth is the vehicle of business. This is how the circle of progress runs at the P.C. Chandra Group. It began with the jewellery business which grew magnificently and brought valuable returns for the company, which in turn, created the foundation for the group's diversification trend to varieties of businesses. Today, P.C. Chandra group is a multifaceted component that enjoys the faith of global consumer and the support of many prestigious clients. Sometimes a single step can cover endless miles. Sometimes one man can dream every man's dream. The life and work of the founder Late Purna Chandra Chandra (known as P.C. Chandra) has been the source of such undying inspiration. His vision surpassed time and space to seek something greater and more enduring. That was transformed to realty with the founding pillar of the P.C. Chandra Group. As a man of unerring business instinct, he not only created a winning business model, but also a means to touch million of lives in meaningful ways.

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Companies under P.C. Chandra Group, other than jewellery segment

Chandra's Chemical Enterprises (P) Ltd.

In 1964, the group set up the second major venture Chandra's Chemical Enterprises. Today, it is a leading player in the field of industrial and domestic adhesives, marketing its products under the successful brand name "Dendrite". The chemical business has a centralized R&D center recognized by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. Along with a dedicated workforce that is equipped to meet specialized needs, an intensive sales team, widespread network of dealers and branches, its continuous pursuit of excellence has resulted in the production of superior quality adhesives, which has found a large roster of clients in every major sector in the industry, in India and beyond. For more details, please visit website

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Chandra's Chemical Industries (P) Ltd.

In Agra, to serve the growing need of the local leather industry, a modern production plant produces special rubber and polythene based adhesives. As a result of further diversification, the group formed Chandras' Chemical Industries. It set up the first Polymerization Plant in Eastern India to manufacture Homopolymer and Capolymer emulsions, incorporating state-of-the art technology and equipments. These extensive range of products used in packaging and allied industries are marketed under the popular brand name "Vincryl".

Emco General Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Another integral member of the P.C. Chandra Group is EMCO Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd., a company engaged in the manufacture of high density polythene pipes for both domestic and industrial application. Apart from undertaking turnkey installation of large scale plastics pipelines for industries, plantations and residential complexes, the company also manufactures various specialty resins, sanitary fittings and water-proofing chemicals which conform to national and international quality standards.

Rubber Plantation

Rubber Plantation is a dynamic category that has diverse applications. The P.C. Chandra Group identified the potential of this category correctly and set up rubber plantations in Agartala at Tripura and has plans to extend further. This will be backed with modern processing systems in order to provide materials for various industries. Due to captive resources, the company will be able to monitor the product from start to finish, assuring its clients and customers of the best quality.

CCE Software

This is a 100% export oriented unit that has been set up by the group in Bangalore to develop software exclusively for exports. It integrates the best practices and technology and tries communication network. Today, the P.C. Chandra Group has spread its wings to cover extensive diversifications in various areas and is now poised to enter the future of technology.

Hospitality Industry

With years of experience in customer service, because of its business of jewellery and other businesses, P.C. Chandra Group sensed its possibilities in the hospitality industry. That is why it assertively entered the industry and set up hotels of distinction in Kolkata. Executive Tower is a centrally located 27 room hotel, located at CIT Road, provides comfortable abode for business travelers in Kolkata. While Senator is a high end hotel on Camac Street in the mid of Kolkata downtown, offers luxury with excellent facilities of conference, meetings and banquets.


The Real Estate is undergoing an evolution; new opportunities, new consumers are constantly emerging. To keep pace with the time, the group has forayed into real estate development, both residential and commercial. It is looking forward to autonomous and collaborated projects that will enhance the quality of life and build India's bridge to world-class lifestyle. Very recently, an architecture project has been undertaken in North Kolkata. Developments of social and national significance are also planned. The group has already undertaken commercial ventures. It has built hotels in Kolkata and many more projects are earmarked.